Oliver Wittchow is a Genius.

I had a later shift than usual today.  So many things to do, such little time.  I had intended to film another take of the pocket backlighting tutorial this morning, but got sidetracked.  I ended up hooking one of my DMGs into my laptop, running Ableton Live, syncing Live to the DMG via one of Oliver’s new MIDI-Sync USB devices, which, by the way, is a PHENOMINAL piece of equipment.  If you do ANY syncing to a computer, get one of these.  It does the job of my MIDI=>GB and takes up about 1/100th the space.  Latency wasn’t an issue, either.

So, anyways, like I was saying: Hackintosh running Mountain Lion and Live, DMG MIDI synced, audio going out from DMG into mic in on laptop, headphone out going to this TV/DVD player unit I have mounted to the cabinet in my kitchen = mobile production station!  The Mrs. and I threw together a solid track in all of thirty minutes.

Readers, if you don’t already, start thinking about syncing your devices together.  It’s ridiculously fun.

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