Intimate experience with a cartridge

I just had a Super NES cartridge somehow telepathically read my mind and glitch out to appease me. I was loaned a copy of Super Mario All Stars yesterday. I cleaned out the cartridge with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip just a few minutes ago, because it wasn’t working when I had received it. I loaded up Mario 2, thinking instantly of how awesome the ending credits are. Three or four minutes into the game, not even out of the first level, I throw down a potion, step through a portal and bzzzzt, orange, pixellated screen, and the audio from this point on at the video attached starts playing from about 26 seconds in. The exact song I had thought of just a few minutes ago.

TL;DR – 4 minutes into game, console said OHSHIYOUWIN and gave me my prize.

The consoles. They love me, and I love them.