SNOWMAN Project Day One

I made a run to Dig & Save today @ opening time, 10:00 AM, and had some really great finds! I’ll be updating our rewards section for Kickstarter backers shortly to include some exciting new ideas.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a quick shout out to Robin, one of the Dig & Save regulars. I see him most mornings I stop by around 10 o’clock. Hi, Robin!

TODO Today:

Add subdomain – this subdomain will forward to my current kickstarter.
Record and upload promo video to youtube featuring new additions and progress.

The SNOWMAN Project goes live today.

I’ve been working on a mixed media art project based on the animated classic, The Snowman, for the past several weeks, and will be opening a kickstarter later on today to help fund this process. The primary output of this project will be 30-ish minutes of all new, never before heard Nonfinite material. Along the way, we’re going to do a lot of recording, exploring,and experimentation, and our backers will be able to see it all. We’re going after total transparency here. About a week into the kickstarter, we’ll be hosting a live feed so you, the listener, the fan, the jerk…whoever you are, can log in, see what’s up and say hi. Stay tuned for more info!