New live album “Fusion Framework” now available!

My live set with El is a Sound of Joy is now available for free download. The set was recorded in Chicago on October 4th. It’s a departure from my normal work: Quick and dirty experimental dance with two percussionists, a slew of circuit bent instruments, and a saxophonist all backing me on nanoloop 2.x.


Like I said: experimental. I hope you like it!


Click the album art or Grab it here!

Fell back in love with modding: DMG and Pocket mods back in the shop.

I seem to go in phases. Love it. Hate it. Clean the bench off, get a new set of screwdrivers, learn to enjoy it again. Putting together the pocket tutorial got me amped about the new backlights, so I refreshed a couple GameBoys in my personal stash. Now that my DMGs are shining bright with 4 LED normal polarization goodness, I decided to open up mods at my shop again, in a limited capacity. I’m going to be offering services for up to two mods at a time, first come, first served. I’m keeping this number low to prevent long wait times on orders.

Some notes regarding the new mods systems:

Switch options for turning backlight on/off are currently unavailable as we wanted to focus on providing mods to our customers as efficiently as possible, and wanted to focus on more beneficial features with our limited resources.

Biversion is available for DMGs only, currently. We’re developing a better solution for pockets than the hex inverter that will be available soon. Hex inverters in pockets are problematic and time consuming, as the modification is centralized in a tight space, there are small leads to cut on the PCB, and lots of wires to solder in a small area.

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New webpage is live!

I updated the website from some simple self-made pages to a blog format. I wanted a venue to add news, opinions, reviews, and such, so it seemed like the logical choice. If you’ve been here before, I hope you like the new page. If you’re new here…welcome! There will be much more to come.

I completed a backlit, pro sounded pocket yesterday while filming a tutorial. If you’re in the market for a modded gameboy, the pocket is really nice to have around, ultraportable, and a joy to use. Check it out.


Oliver Wittchow is a Genius.

I had a later shift than usual today.  So many things to do, such little time.  I had intended to film another take of the pocket backlighting tutorial this morning, but got sidetracked.  I ended up hooking one of my DMGs into my laptop, running Ableton Live, syncing Live to the DMG via one of Oliver’s new MIDI-Sync USB devices, which, by the way, is a PHENOMINAL piece of equipment.  If you do ANY syncing to a computer, get one of these.  It does the job of my MIDI=>GB and takes up about 1/100th the space.  Latency wasn’t an issue, either.

So, anyways, like I was saying: Hackintosh running Mountain Lion and Live, DMG MIDI synced, audio going out from DMG into mic in on laptop, headphone out going to this TV/DVD player unit I have mounted to the cabinet in my kitchen = mobile production station!  The Mrs. and I threw together a solid track in all of thirty minutes.

Readers, if you don’t already, start thinking about syncing your devices together.  It’s ridiculously fun.