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Intimate experience with a cartridge

I just had a Super NES cartridge somehow telepathically read my mind and glitch out to appease me. I was loaned a copy of Super Mario All Stars yesterday. I cleaned out the cartridge with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip just a few minutes ago, because it wasn’t working when I had received it. I loaded up Mario 2, thinking instantly of how awesome the ending credits are. Three or four minutes into the game, not even out of the first level, I throw down a potion, step through a portal and bzzzzt, orange, pixellated screen, and the audio from this point on at the video attached starts playing from about 26 seconds in. The exact song I had thought of just a few minutes ago.

TL;DR – 4 minutes into game, console said OHSHIYOUWIN and gave me my prize.

The consoles. They love me, and I love them.

SNOWMAN Project Day One

I made a run to Dig & Save today @ opening time, 10:00 AM, and had some really great finds! I’ll be updating our rewards section for Kickstarter backers shortly to include some exciting new ideas.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a quick shout out to Robin, one of the Dig & Save regulars. I see him most mornings I stop by around 10 o’clock. Hi, Robin!

TODO Today:

Add subdomain – this subdomain will forward to my current kickstarter.
Record and upload promo video to youtube featuring new additions and progress.

The SNOWMAN Project goes live today.

I’ve been working on a mixed media art project based on the animated classic, The Snowman, for the past several weeks, and will be opening a kickstarter later on today to help fund this process. The primary output of this project will be 30-ish minutes of all new, never before heard Nonfinite material. Along the way, we’re going to do a lot of recording, exploring,and experimentation, and our backers will be able to see it all. We’re going after total transparency here. About a week into the kickstarter, we’ll be hosting a live feed so you, the listener, the fan, the jerk…whoever you are, can log in, see what’s up and say hi. Stay tuned for more info!

Washington: prepare yourself

I’m going to head over to the Pacific Northwest after my December 14th show in St. Louis and hang with you Seattle folks for a bit. I’ve just been confirmed for a set in Seattle on the 21st with a couple other performers as well. Check out the tour dates page for updates!

Before I head out on the road, we’re going to crank out a few mods for those of you that ordered from the shop recently. Expect some slick new backlit DMGs and Pockets in your mailboxes, REAL soon.

New live album “Fusion Framework” now available!

My live set with El is a Sound of Joy is now available for free download. The set was recorded in Chicago on October 4th. It’s a departure from my normal work: Quick and dirty experimental dance with two percussionists, a slew of circuit bent instruments, and a saxophonist all backing me on nanoloop 2.x.


Like I said: experimental. I hope you like it!


Click the album art or Grab it here!

Fell back in love with modding: DMG and Pocket mods back in the shop.

I seem to go in phases. Love it. Hate it. Clean the bench off, get a new set of screwdrivers, learn to enjoy it again. Putting together the pocket tutorial got me amped about the new backlights, so I refreshed a couple GameBoys in my personal stash. Now that my DMGs are shining bright with 4 LED normal polarization goodness, I decided to open up mods at my shop again, in a limited capacity. I’m going to be offering services for up to two mods at a time, first come, first served. I’m keeping this number low to prevent long wait times on orders.

Some notes regarding the new mods systems:

Switch options for turning backlight on/off are currently unavailable as we wanted to focus on providing mods to our customers as efficiently as possible, and wanted to focus on more beneficial features with our limited resources.

Biversion is available for DMGs only, currently. We’re developing a better solution for pockets than the hex inverter that will be available soon. Hex inverters in pockets are problematic and time consuming, as the modification is centralized in a tight space, there are small leads to cut on the PCB, and lots of wires to solder in a small area.

Head over to

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